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Councillor surgeries

Following government guidance, scheduled future surgeries will not take place during the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) emergency.

If you want to talk informally to a councillor over any parish matters, come to one of our councillor surgeries.

On one Saturday each month, two parish councillors will be available to talk to you between 10:00am and 11:00am in the Glebe Farm coffee shop.

The dates planned and the councillors expected to attend are:


2 November – Cllr R Lomas & Cllr B Jelf

7 December – Cllr R Sutton & Cllr P Cliff

4 January – Cllr J Ward & Cllr C Kennerly

1 February – Cllr N Sharman & Cllr A Banks

7 March – Cllr P Critchlow & Cllr J Critchlow

4 April – cancelled

2 May – Cllr N Plant & Cllr R Lomas

6 June – Cllr B Jelf & Cllr R Sutton

4 July – Cllr P Cliff & Cllr C Kennerly

1 August– Cllr J Ward & Cllr A Banks

5 September – Cllr N Sharman & Cllr J Carter

3 October – Cllr N Barton & Cllr N Plant

7 November – Cllr P Critchlow & Cllr J Critchlow