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Tackling Climate Change in the Countryside

If you are interested in development regarding land-use in the countryside then CPRE, the countryside charity, invite you to meet them at their presentation on “Tackling Climate Change in the Countryside” in the Sustainability Event at Chester Cathedral on Saturday 6 November 2021.

Image linking to poster for COP26 eventThe event is kindly hosted by Chester Cathedral with the Chester Sustainability Forum.

It will be in the cloisters and the chapter house between 9am and 5.00pm, with displays, information, activities and discussions from many of the members including ourselves.

Recognising the Climate Crisis and Climate Emergency Declarations, in January 2020 CPRE published four major policy documents covering “Building and Planning”, “Energy”, “Transport” and fourthly “Land Use, Forestry and Farming”, which is most closely related to our main role as “The Countryside Charity”. Their presentation entitled, “Tackling Climate Change in the Countryside” is all about the policies in this fourth document.

They hope that you will come to talk with them and find it interesting, encouraging, challenging, cooperative and helpful, as we work to improve sustainability and its correlated actions on climate change.