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Covid-19 vaccines are coming to Cheshire East!

You will be pleased to learn that Covid-19 vaccines are coming to Cheshire East, and that, with the arrival of the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine, there will be a vaccination centre in Congleton.

More information on this Healthwatch Cheshire East page, but in particular please help the NHS deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme effectively by following this simple guidance:

  • Healthwatch Cheshire East will contact people in the priority groups when it is their turn to receive the vaccine. Please do not contact the NHS to seek a vaccine before then.
  • When you are invited for a vaccine, please act on your invite and make sure you attend appointments when you arrange them.
  • Please continue to wear a face covering and abide by social distancing and hand hygiene guidance as, until the vaccine has been fully rolled out, this is the most effective way to save lives.