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Congleton Link Road: latest on road closures and diversions

From GRAHAM, the Principal Contractor working on behalf of Cheshire East Council to deliver the Congleton Link Road Project:

Please note below, an update on the road closures/diversions for your information.

TEMPORARY TRAFFIC LIGHTS – Black Firs Lane, Somerford

To enable the felling of a tree and carry out vegetation removal works.

Start Date – 13th November 2019
Planned Completion – 13th November 2019

ROAD CLOSURE – Back Lane (West), Somerford

The closure will enable the construction of Back Lane (West) including the new roundabout, There will be no access to through traffic along this section of Back Lane, with access to the playing fields been maintained via Holmes Chapel Road. Access to properties on Back Lane will be maintained via Chelford Road.

Started – 2nd September 2019
Planned Completion – Late February 2020

ROAD CLOSURE  - Sandy Lane, Somerford, Between A54 Holmes Chapel Road and A534 Sandbach Road

The closure will enable us to access the adjacent land to carry out earthworks, divert drainage and construct the Sandbach Road and Holmes Chapel Road roundabouts. Sandy Lane will be closed for an initial period of 9 months.

Started – 28th May 2019
Planned Completion - Late February 2020

TEMPORARY TWO 2-WAY CARRIAGEWAY – Chelford Road, Somerford, Between Black Firs Lane and Back Lane

To enable the construction of the Chelford Road overbridge and divert existing services, traffic will be diverted onto a newly constructed 2-way carriageway.

Temporary Speed Limit – Speed limit to be reduced from national speed limit to 10mph through the works area. The reduction is necessary due to the alignment of the temporary carriageway and interface of construction traffic accessing to and from the works site.

Started – 9th July 2019
For the duration of the Chelford Road overbridge construction

TEMPORARY TRAFFIC LIGHTS – Back Lane (East), Congleton

To enable finishing works on Back Lane (East) and the Radnor Park roundabout including completing the combined footpath / cycleway. Temporary 2-way traffic lights will be in place from the Seddon Homes housing Estate and the Back Lane playing fields.

Started – 4th November 2019
Planned Completion – 18th November 2019

TEMPORARY CARRIAGEWAY & TRAFFIC LIGHTS – Giantswood Lane, Hulme Walfield, Between Westlow Mere and Smithy Lane

In order to facilitate construction of the Giantswood Lane overbridge, traffic has been diverted onto a temporary carriageway. A 10 mile per hour speed restriction will be imposed 24 hours a day.

Started – 1st May 2019
For the duration of the Giantswood Lane overbridge construction

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