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Change of date and location for May PC meeting

We have had to change the date of the May parish council meeting to 7:30pm Tuesday 14 May 2019 and its location to Astbury St Mary’s Primary School.

This meeting will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting, at which the chairman and vice-chairman of the council are elected by its members, and other responsibilities are allocated.  By law, it must be held before 21 May each year.

Normally, we would hold our meeting on the second Wednesday of May, which this year would be 8 May. However, parish council elections will be held on 2 May this year. All parish councillors retire together in an election year on the fourth (working) day after the election and the newly elected councillors shall come into office on that same day the predecessors retire.

But the fourth day, 6 May, is a bank holiday so the handover falls back to 7 May.  The May meeting must be called by the new council with at least three days notice – so it can't legally be held on 8 May!