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Annual parish council meeting, 12 May 2021

At this meeting, the parish council have to perform a number of duties, including electing a new chair for the coming year and agreeing the audit.  However, current legislation only allows meeting remotely until 7 May 2021. For this reason, the councillors and clerk will meet in Astbury St Mary’s CE Primary School at 7:30pm.  While this allows all councillors and the clerk to attend safely, there will only be room for a few members of the public. If too many attend, we may be forced to turn some away. If you do intend to attend, please in advance. When our meetings are able to return to the Village Hall, in order to maintain social distancing during the Covid-19 emergency, numbers will be limited to thirty (30). To ensure the safety of those attending while the Covid-19 crisis lasts, the parish council has made a full risk assessment.