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Cheshire East has informed us of the following roadworks scheduled to take place over the next few months:

  • Wallhill Lane, 17 January – 11 March 2022 — see for details. This extended closure is to allow Sibelco to build a culvert containing a conveyor belt taking sand from the quarry extension to the west of the lane to the existing works to the east

We will remind you of each of these roadworks as their start date approaches, as well as any other roadworks that might take place.

We have been informed that BT will be working in Astbury village near the junction of Peel Lane and Newcastle Road (A34) on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 November. We believe that this would involve the closure of Peel Lane on one side of the village green.

However, the entry for these works on the website has been deleted, so it is possible that the work has been cancelled or postponed.

Cheshire East Highways are closing Dodds Lane on 20 November from the junction with Gorse Lane to the junction with Mow Lane for emergency repairs. The closure will last until the repairs are complete.

The alternative route will be via Dodds Lane, The Flash and Peel Lane.

Pedestrian access to any premises situated within the temporary closure will be maintained at all times. Cyclists will be required to dismount in order for access to maintained. Vehicular access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and residents where possible.

See for more details.

Are you interested in helping us?

The Astbury & Moreton Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by Cheshire East Council as the Planning Policy of the Parishes on 17 August 2017 following a Referendum. After 5 years the Plan is now eligible for review and updating with implementation in September 2022.

The Parish Council has set up a Working Group based on those Councillors and Residents who prepared the initial Plan, to evaluate the existing Policies under the following categories:-

  • Effectiveness
  • National Regulation and Policy
  • Local Policy
  • Local circumstances and evidence
  • Local opinion.

Any residents who would like to be involved in or contribute to this process are invited to contact Cllr. Nick Sharman by email ( or phone (01260 271 374).

A message from John Dwyer, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire:

Following the publication of my Police and Crime Plan last week, I’m delighted to be launching my Autumn Survey.

This is a chance for residents across Cheshire to tell me about what’s happening in their communities, their experience with the police, and how they view their police service in general.

Starting today, the survey is being posted out to every household in Cheshire and it’s also available to complete online at

I’m carrying out this in-depth survey because as Police & Crime Commissioner I control a budget of over £240 million, I set the policing element of residents’ council tax (police precept), and I set out the public’s policing and crime priorities for the Chief Constable to deliver in order to keep our communities safe.

This is a big role. It’s important that residents understand what their Commissioner does and that they have a big say in how policing is delivered in their communities.

In the survey, I am also asking people for their views on the police budget. Over 40% of Cheshire Police’s budget comes from the police precept and we’ve estimated that a small rise will be necessary to keep the police at a standstill.

But I want to know whether residents would be happy with this, or whether they feel our police service needs more in order to deliver on their priorities.

For example, every extra 5p per week paid through the police precept above this standstill would raise an extra £1 million. That would mean with every extra 5p per week Cheshire Police could provide:

  • 5p per week: 18 Officers, or 22 Intelligence Analysts, or 25 Call Operators
  • 10p per week: 36 Officers, or 44 Intelligence Analysts, or 50 Call Operators
  • 15p per week: 54 Officers, or 66 Intelligence Analysts, or 75 Call Operators
  • 20p per week: 73 Officers, or 89 Intelligence Analysts, or 100 Call Operators

The feedback I receive here will inform my police precept proposals which I will take to the public early next year.

These are big decisions, and my Autumn Survey is designed to give every resident an equal opportunity to have a big say in how our police service protects them.

I’d be grateful if you could share this survey throughout your networks – I want as many people as possible to have their say, so that the Chief Constable and I can protect our communities and deliver on the public’s priorities set out in the Police and Crime Plan.

If you’d like a hard copy of the survey, please email

Yours sincerely
John Dwyer

COVID Update

Case rates across the country are very high, more so in Cheshire East, Staffordshire and the North West.
We need to continue with the precautions we have been taking and we urge everyone to wear a face covering when in shops, offices, or any space where there are large groups of people,  Go to the Cheshire East Council website to find out about testing centres around the borough.

Vaccination programme

Cheshire CCG has provided the following resource to help everyone find the information they need to access vaccinations when they are eligible. COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – What You Need to Know - Cheshire CCG

Anti-vaccination protests

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 vaccination programme has attracted a minority group of anti-vaccination protestors.
Our health partner, Wirral Health and Community Care Trust, has a hotline for reporting anti-vaxx activity. Call:0300 123 4607 or email:

Healthwatch across Cheshire East

A reminder that Healthwatch Cheshire are taking a Healthwatch van and engagement stands across Cheshire East over a 9-week period up to 19 November 2021. For more information, locations, dates and times, visit the Cheshire Healthwatch website.