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There will be road works between 15 April 2019 and 19 April 2019 on Peel Lane near Astbury St Mary's School while Fulcrum Utility Services lay a new gas connection to Rectory House.  Traffic will be controlled by two-way signals.

We have had to change the date of the May parish council meeting to 7:30pm Tuesday 14 May 2019 and its location to Astbury St Mary’s Primary School.

This meeting will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting, at which the chairman and vice-chairman of the council are elected by its members, and other responsibilities are allocated.  By law, it must be held before 21 May each year.

Normally, we would hold our meeting on the second Wednesday of May, which this year would be 8 May. However, parish council elections will be held on 2 May this year. All parish councillors retire together in an election year on the fourth (working) day after the election and the newly elected councillors shall come into office on that same day the predecessors retire.

But the fourth day, 6 May, is a bank holiday so the handover falls back to 7 May.  The May meeting must be called by the new council with at least three days notice – so it can't legally be held on 8 May!

Cheshire Police want to improve their understanding of how the community view on their ability to contact therm currently — and what they would like to be able to do in the future.

More information on the Cheshire Police website and the survey itself is here.

Please help them by taking part in this survey.

There will be a drop-in meeting for residents of Wallhill Lane and the rural lanes in Brownlow to discuss the traffic mitigation measures related to the forthcoming Link Road. Fay Price, the CLR Project Co-ordinator for Cheshire East Highways writes:

Dear Residents

It was good to see so many of you at the recent meeting organised by Wallhill Parish Council on  13th March 2019.

You will recall  Sean offered  residents the opportunity to meet with him on a one-to-one basis to  listen to your concerns and  work with you all in developing the mitigation measures for Wallhill Lane and Brownlow Heath Lane.

So far only two residents have taken Sean up on this  opportunity. Therefore, we have arranged for Sean to be at Astbury village hall on Thursday 4th April between 10am and 2pm so people can talk to him there.

It would help if time slots can be booked  to give the one to one time expected. Please contact Sean direct on, or by telephone 01260 375 488 to make the necessary  arrangements.

She has also supplied this useful background reading list and contacts details for your information.

The notes from the meeting on measures to mitigate CLR-related traffic on Wallhill Lane in the Villagee Hall on Wednesday 13 March were well-attended by concerned members of the public, and many areas of concern were raised and many suggestions made.  You can read notes on the event in this report.

Some news on progress on the M6 junction 16-19 (Crewe to Knutsford) smart motorway project:

Final stages

At 6am on Friday 8 March, M6 junction 18 (Middlewich) and junction 17 (Sandbach) became fully operational, with drivers able to travel at variable speeds up to the national speed limit.The 60mph speed restriction has now been lifted and this section is now complete.

Overhead electronic signs provide drivers with live information about their journeys, including changes in the speed limit, lane closures and incidents ahead.

The remaining link J16 (Crewe) to J17 (Sandbach) will be open to 4 new running lanes at 60mph next week.

The entire 18-mile upgrade is on schedule to be finished by the end of March, improving journeys for the 120,000 drivers who use the M6 every day.

What is left to complete?

The remaining work includes commissioning the new technology along the route and some landscaping work to the motorway verge.

What will happen when the smart motorway is complete?

When the smart motorway is complete, traffic sensors will automatically monitor the flow of traffic and adjust the speed limit accordingly, tackling the stop/start conditions and tailbacks caused by sudden braking. New CCTV cameras will provide 100% coverage of the route and allow Highways England’s traffic officers and the emergency services to respond quickly to incidents.

More details on the scheme are available at

Dan Cawthra, our contact with CLR contractors Graham, writes:

TEMPORARY TRAFFIC LIGHTS - A536 Macclesfield Road, Congleton

Works to take place between the hours of 9.30am – 3.30 pm

Start – 20th March 2019
Planned Completion – 21st March 2019

ROAD CLOSURE - Back Lane, Congleton between Radnor Hall Farm and Radnor Park Trading Estate

We will be carrying out road improvements along this stretch of Back Lane as part of the overall scheme.

Started - 28th January 2019
Planned Completion – 31 July 2019


  • There will be no access to through traffic along this section of Back Lane. Diversion signs will be in place
  • Access to the playing fields will be maintained via the Chelford Road End
  • Access to properties between Chelford Road and the closure will be maintained via Chelford Road
  • Access to Seddon Homes construction site will be via Holmes Chapel Road.

If you have any questions regarding the information enclosed, please contact us via

For more information or to keep up-to with the project, please visit: